The Awakenings Review: Volume 5 Number 1

The Awakenings Review

Volume 5 Number 1 (Winter 2009/2010)

In Loving Memory of Kurt Precourt Taecker by Robert Lundin, Editor

Preface, Robert Lundin, Editor

Table of Contents

Winter 2009/2010 (Vol. 5, No. 1)

Amy Barlow Liberatore
Get Over It •  The Grey •  The Tightrope

Baxter W. Napier, III
Anger and Guilt •  Frozen Thoughts •  I Wait •  In Futility Fertility •  Will the Circle be Unbroken

Carolee Sherwood
She who Burrows Beneath a Continent Knows the Devil •  A Life, and a Poem, in Two Parts •  The Children, Left to Themselves •  Dark Blue •  Step One: Pest Control

Christopher Gaskins
Prozac Days •  Metamorphosis

Chuck Failing
Whose Delusion is it Anyway? •  Outlining Vincent

Cindy Childress
Lines Composed while Watching a Squirrel from the New York Psychiatric Institute's Courtyard •  Constant Observation •  Sublimation and Transference: for Frank •  Aquarium •  Blowing It

Claudia Krizay
Read •  Golden Tree •  Torn Paper Thoughts •  My Room in the Institution •  Behind the Eyes of Madmen

Derrick L. Pittman
Nietzsche Never Had Tele-Vision •  Vision of Heaven •  I Sold my Christ •  The Girl Who Watches Squirrels •  January 1977 (For Toni)

Dixie J-Elder
Analysis: A Group Portrait, Hand Coloured •  Growing Pains

Elizabeth Swados
The Head as the Globe •  Poems for ...  •  Disappointed Storm Chaser •  Under the Bush •  Party

Gail Kernius
Depression Reeling Its Ugly Head •  Luna •  The Lonely Mind

Irene O'Garden
Filaments of Song •  These Days •  Trepanning •  Mother Unframed •  Clothes of Joy

James L. Freeman
Henry and Emily Dream a Mirtazipine Dream •  The Panhandler and the Bowler •  The Way I Was •  Triangle

Jon Davis
You Cannot Win •  OCD Pep Talk

Julia O'Donovan
Family Reunion •  The Wind Sings •  Life's Story •  Butterflies and the Candle by Julia and Danny O'Donovan

Kristina Morgan
Broken Sky •  At Ten They Dole Out Pills •  Wildly Awake and Still •  One Woman •  Excerpt from The Color of Stone

Lindsay Morrison
Oh Shrink, My Shrink •  Wiley, OH •  Memorial Day •  Resource •  Autumn

Lindsay Nichole Torres
Losing Me

Marie A. Barnitz Kime
The Prayer Room •  Keeping an Open Mind at the state psychiatric institution •  Sun God •  On "E" •  Cops

Mark Murphy
Canticle of the Wind •  In a Rage with Allen Ginsberg •  Imitation of Catullus •  Lonely Fighter •  School of Dust

Matt Freeman
I'm Finally Here •  I Was All That Was Left of the World •  Legion •  Split Prose on Diagnosis Difficulties •  Some Words

Megan Michel
The Sonnet of My Demon Revisited Twice •  My Demon •  Oh Demon! •  Let Me Pretend

Melissa Pettit
The Cobwebbed Mind •  Her Day •  Matt • ; Bipolar

Murray Alfredson
Air Fog and Wool-wad •  Eirênikon to Irene •  Hearthless

Peter Marcel Baroth
Thirst •  End Beginning •  White Coats •  The Fallen Empire and the Halfway House •  Upon Seeing Neil Stein at the Caribou Café

Philip Coffeen

Phineas Dowling
State of Mind

Rachael Z. Ikins
My Shadow •  My Sister •  The Therapist  •  On the Lip •  Mixed Media Nude Woman With Blue Acrylic Highlights

Samuel R. Himes
Where •  Half-Right

Serena Spinello
Looped •  Uninhabited •  Ceremonious Defeat •  Ode to Words

Tiff Holland
Single-Edge Safety •  Acute Care •  Three South

Virginia Erjavac
Pretty Girl

Wendy Brown-Baez
Dark Blessing

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