The Awakenings Review: Volume 5 Number 2

The Awakenings Review

Volume 5 Number 2 (Spring 2011)

Foreword by IRENE O'NEILL , Associate Editor

Preface by ROBERT LUNDIN , Editor


Table of Contents

Spring 2011 (Vol. 5, No. 2)

Bruce J. Berger
Nate and Adel

Julie Brandon
Blowing Through •  Lap of Luxury •  No Response •  Old World Meets New •  One Hand

Randall Brown
Before He Moved

Kimberly A. Cavanagh
Raw Meat

Marjorie Chesebro
ABC's of Haldol •  BIpolar DISORDER •  Emergency Room •  Nightmare •  Trilafon

Joe Churchwell
Dear Child •  Liquid Stones •  The House •  What Have You Hereby?

Lynn Ciesielski
A Fine Line •  Fire Power •  Pisces •  The Flowers on Delavan •  Sleeplessness

Lucy Daniels

Jon Brewer Davis
Untitled •  Psychotherapy •  Untitled •  Mad Desire

Kathryn Fitzgerald
The Blue Train •  Fish in the Sky; Bird in the Sea •  Details •  Sober •  The Tightrope

Angie Gilham
Betrayed •  Train Ride •  Widow and Orphan

Julie Greene

Suzy Amis Haines
Basking •  Every Which Way •  Minnow in a Vast Ocean •  My Porous Soul •  Watching T.V.

Brandi S. Henderson
Once Radiant •  Tiny Dark Words •  The Articulation of My Body •  Just for You •  The Lost Castle

Richard Holleman
The Girl and the Turtle •  Reminiscing Dance Hall Days •  Almost Love •  Behind Eve

Deda Kavanagh
Laureate, at that Moment •  Private Eye •  Sporting? Goods? •  Stigma or Stigmata •  Twenty Three

David Milbert
The Legacy •  Decision •  The Seeds of Sanity •  Veteran of Another Sort of War •  Fog's Defeat

Rhonda C. Poynter
Lost in the Loop •  Sonnet for a Schizophrenic •  Dancing with Elvis in the Jungle Room

Sarah Rehfeldt
Wounded: •  Prayer at Lauds •  The Awakening

Benton Savage
An Improper Proposal

Kimberly Sherman
Turning the Corner to Sharp Mesa Vista •  The Car •  Mockingbird •  "We are All Real" •  Personal Mythology

Catherine Sjostedt
Caesura •  Home Scar •  September Night and Heat •  SSI Query

Marc Stone
The Borderline Personality Disorder Tetralogy •  Rugged Fall •  Nausea •  Broken Mule •  James Taylor at Tanglewood 2008 (24urinals) •  She Smells Like Elephant

Jessica Terson
Why •  Hell's Blues •  The Cutters •  Bridegroom •  Babe

Amanda Thompson
Flower Sermon •  Unglued •  Villanell Adieu •  Reality Basking

Lew Watts
Raw Liver •  Of Wards and Stems •  Voices •  Admittance •  Blue Lips

Jonathan Werner
Childhood •  Cut The Vein •  Signed. Sincerely, Yourself  •  The Colors of My Bi-polar

Charles Willard
My Friends •  Composition Promised

Dana R. Yost
Checking In, Checking Out •  Sway •  When the Breathing Stops •  Dots •  A New Approach


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