The Awakenings Review: Volume 7 Number 2

The Awakenings Review

Volume 7 Number 2 (Fall 2018)

Awakenings Review, Vol 7 No 2Foreword by VIRGINIA GOLDRICK, Associate Editor

I am honored to write an introductory Foreword to this edition of the Awakenings Review, as its associate editor. Twenty years ago, I was lucky enough to be in at the inception of the Awakenings Project as the brainchild of Robert Lundin and Irene Lamb O’Neill. Their partnership has been a productive one: Awakenings has gone on to sponsor many innovative and exciting art shows, plays & drama happenings, public readings, music celebrations, and of course, 14 editions to date of the Awakenings Review. I am proud to have been part of this enterprise from the beginning, and to watch it grow and flourish.
We receive submissions from all over the country and beyond; our literary review has just gotten better over time. Robert Lundin’s wonderful Preface says it all. It is exciting and joyful for audience and artist alike to share these fascinating works with a larger audience. A considerable side benefit for me personally has been to get to know some of these creative souls as friends. What excellent, irreverent and resilient company!
The authors of these pieces express a remarkable range of emotions and heightened mental states. Each one draws you into a unique mental space where past and present, lessons learned or anguish yet incompletely plumbed, lively voices cry out. Prepare to get in touch with moments of great intensity, perhaps ‘recollected in tranquility,’ perhaps experienced as raw and as yet undigested feeling. As Bob Lundin puts it, the ‘strong, brave’ spirit of each author strive to live and express itself fully on the page.
Happy reading, brave reader!

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