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Trish Evers

Trish Evers    

Patricia “Trish” Evers, age 50, of Wheaton, died in her home June 7, 2000 after a prolonged battle with cancer—a uterine sarcoma. She was a teacher, a prominent award-winning artist, and co-founder of the Awakenings Project.

Patricia "Trish" evers was a teacher, an award-winning artist, and a co-founder of the Awakenings Project. Throughout her life, Trish- who painted for much of her career under her married name, Patricia Cobb- was committed to the visual arts and education. A 1967 graduate of West Senior High School, Aurora, Illinois, in 1971 she received a Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University. After graduating from NIU, she taught art in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. A long-time member of the DuPage Art League, Trish established two art studios in the 1980s, first on “Gallery Row” in St. Charles, Illinois, and then the “Windstone Creative Arts Studio” in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, which is the space she bequeathed to Awakenings. She explained that she always felt that the process of art making was more of a calling than a career. At age 50, she died in her home after a prolonged battle with cancer.


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