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Irene O'Neill

Writes Irene O'Neill: "Ever since childhood, I wanted to be an artist. I once found an ad in the back of a magazine to 'draw Winky,' which I did, and then they sent me a whole bevy of exercises to do, but I have no formal training in art, which is obvious from the quality of my artwork. Whenever I have a free moment, which is not often enough, I make art with whatever materials are on hand, which generally means “mixed-media.” You can see a YouTube video of a pen and ink drawing I did while on vacation at Tierra Linda in Galena by clicking here."

"Since 1995, I have co-owned and operated an art studio/gallery with two other women. Currently called Gallery Trio, it was formerly Four Corners Artists, Ltd. We represent over 50 local artists’ work, and often hold classes in drawing, oil painting, watercolor and more. For a time, I was a member of the Fox Valley Arts Council, its Board Secretary and then Vice President from 1998-2001. I worked on the Arts Beat Magazine, and chaired Art Around the Fox. I was a member of the West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission from 2005 to 2009. Since its inception in 1996, I have helped co-found and co-direct the Awakenings Project, which is where my heart lies."

"When not too busy doing all these other things, I have worked full-time, first as a Consumer Recovery Specialist and now as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Counselor at the DuPage County Health Department. I feel my strength lies in organizing events and people, which means sadly that my art-making often gets put on the back burner."


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