The Awakenings Project: Galleries (John Rakow)

John Rakow

Writes John Rakow: "My art and writing are about the frequent awkward experiences of navigating through life and dealing with our world. My art is often about building and breaking relationships as we go. It is about moving from naivete to wisdom through learning and letting go. My art is meant to express inward emotion by creating mood as a means to develop the subject. I began studying art in college as I tried to select a major of study. The standout at the time was sociology. However, I left college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture and photography. The visual art I create illustrates the road I have travelled including my shortcut at times. I also enjoy writing poetry to document and reflect on my experience while I am living and able to write. My hope is that all my work conveys the tenderness that is alive in each of us somewhere."


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